Adil Delawalla

Once the design stage is complete, implementation begins. As a computer scientist that straddles the line between designer and implementer, I'm comfortable in both areas. Often, the biggest hurdle standing in the way of great implementation is having designers and coders that share the same vision. Being able to do both is a unique advantage.

I'm experienced in developing software for a large span of environments: client applications, server-side applications, database design, web-based mobile technologies, and embedded technologies. I'm fluent in .NET (C#, Visual Basic) and am proficient with a number of related frameworks: ASP.NET MVC 3, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), NHibernate, and NServiceBus. I'm also comfortable in Java and Javascript.

I'm confident that I can pick up new frameworks and languages, given the time. To me, computer science is not specific to one language. The concepts of computing are expressed in every language; merely the lingo is different.